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FEBRUARY 24, 2021

How to clean window blinds?

Window cleaning might seem relevantly easy but that doesn’t apply to the blinds that come along with it. Be it any make of the blind like vinyl, fabric, wood, or aluminum, they are great at maintaining the heat of the room by blocking sunlight or even helping us up with privacy aspects. But on the downside, they accumulate a lot of dust particles and dirt on their surfaces. It is thus inevitable that they should be maintained at their cleanest shape if you want to retain the hygiene of your room. So, how to clean window blinds by yourself? It’s relatively simple if you are assisted with just a bit of professional guidance. First things first, understand the kind of blinds that you have and remember these:

If you do your cleaning properly, your window blinds can potentially last without a problem for up to 5 to 7 years.
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Your blinds might need a deep cleaning routine if they are exposed to commercial places that can become easily dirt-prone. You can do this by a mixture containing dish wash soap, like warm water and baking soda. Soak your blinds and rinse them to see a change in their look. If they are still yellow in color, it is basically because of over-exposure to sunlight. This can be fixed with bleach or any other organic alternative for bleach that you can find off the shelf. Soak your yellow blinds in a warm solution of bleach for a few minutes and wipe the water with a gentle cloth to see the results. It is always advisable to go for a window cleaning when it comes to handling chemicals like bleach.

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